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The association wants to make driving a car immediately climate friendly

The Clean Fuel Now association was founded on 1.12.14 at the Federal Parliament building in Bern under the leadership of National Councillor Thomas Böhni. We advocated the promotion of synthetic fuels and their credits in connection with the fleet emissions regulation. Companies such as Climeworks and Audi are currently investing heavily in so-called power-to-fuel technology, which produces synthetic fuels from CO2, water and renewable energy. Car manufacturers, such as Audi, who invest in the production of practically climate-neutral fuels, should not be punished for CO2 emissions, which they will not cause.

United with Clean Fuel Now are: 

  • Specialists from industrial companies that carry out research and development on the subject of CO2-neutral synthetic fuels and produce such fuels or their raw materials

  • Research and teaching institutions

  • Representatives from politics, associations and authorities

  • Individuals, organisations and companies that are interested in CO2-neutral synthetic fuels and want to promote power-to-fuel

And, from today you?