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Background information

The CO2-neutral synthetic fuels allow largely climatic-neutral mobility, which can be utilised by existing fuel infrastructure and vehicles. As a result the mobility sector now has a way of effectively fighting against climate change.


CO2-neutral synthetic fuels are produced by means of power-to-gas / liquid from renewable energies and CO2, which has been captured from ambient air. This results in a closed carbon cycle, which works without fossil carbon sources. Only renewable energy is used for CO2 capture and as a result, net CO2 emissions are not caused.

The key technology for CO2 capture from ambient air, which makes this possible at a reasonable cost, has been developed in Switzerland. It has not yet been taken into account within the scope of legal and regulatory measures, however, a similar regulation already exists for natural gas vehicles. It is therefore appropriate to take into account the almost climate neutral CO2 emissions of the fleet and give allowances for them within current policy.

The auto industry is already investing in the production of CO2 neutral synthetic fuels. Further large investments are planned with the aim of a rapid expansion. The industry has developed several approaches to enable the individual or fleet to consume only synthetic CO2 neutral e-fuels. precisely. The chemical composition of the e-fuels enables it to be blended with fossil fuel and therefore it can be used as a drop in fuel. It can be mixed directly into the current fuel distribution network.

The inclusion of reduced CO2 emission values ​​within the framework of the fleet emission control system can also accelerate the rapid expansion of the production of CO2-neutral synthetic fuels. Unlike geothermal energy for which a KEV fee and risk capital has been set up, this technology can reach market maturity within a few years.