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"The natural gas industry is committed to the future of energy, we want to bring more renewable energies into the gas grid, and with natural gas / biogas, there is already an environmentally-friendly alternative in mobility. I support the motion of National Councillor Thomas Böhni."


Daniela Decurtins, Director of the Association of the Swiss Gas Industry VSG

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As a supporter you can:

  • Share information via social media and other channels

  • Write letters to your parliamentarians, they should support our request

  • Participate in online discussions.

  • Get involved. The biggest commitment is to tell people about CO2-neutral synthetic fuels from renewable energy sources.

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Clean Fuel Now has the following categories:

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Members are admitted to the Board by means of a written application (via the form on this website). A petition for inclusion as an Institutional Member must be signed by signatories who can legally bind the person. In addition, the application must specify which (maximum two) individual (s) represent / represent the company member in (name) and apply as an addressee to it.