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"Any CO2 use that causes fossil fuel to remain in the ground is good."


Carl Berninghausen, CEO, sunfire


CO2 as a valuable raw material

With efficient technology, the "Climate Killer" CO2 can be filtered easily and everywhere from the ambient air. The CO2, which is captured in the filter, dissolves at a low temperature of 95 ° C. It is collected and converted into a valuable raw material. The whole process is powered by renewable energy.

In the future, CO2 from the air can therefore replace fossil CO2 and thus oil!

Behind the development of the CO2 collector stands the company Climeworks AG, a spin-of from ETH Zurich. It was founded by Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher in 2009. Climeworks developed the innovative filter materials in cooperation with ETH Zurich and the EMPA.

CO2 is everywhere and can be used everywhere

Capturing CO2 from the air is actually nothing new but the Climeworks solution stands out because of cost and energy efficiency. For the first time, it is now possible to generate CO2 independently, economically and regardless of local levels of CO2.

Power-to-Fuel: Audi is working on the realisation of an energy cycle

The vision of CO2-neutral mobility has been brought together by Audi and Climeworks. Climeworks' CO2 collectors are central to this. They help Synthetic Fuel Strategy to conserve fossil resources and continue to use existing infrastructure. Audi also sponsors companies developing plants for the production of synthetic fuels.


A closed cycle. Fossil fuels are not needed at all

In the case of power-to-fuel, an energy cycle can be achieved without fossil fuels. Hydrogen is combined with "climate-friendly" CO2. With the help of renewable energy, the basis for gasoline, diesel and kerosene is created.

Audi’s know-how and system integration

Audi wants to bring Climeworks CO2 collectors to a competitively high standard. The goal for 2015 is to integrate a serial Climeworks plant into an existing production facility for synthetic fuels.

Audi is also involved in other technologies for CO2-neutral fuels, which also need CO2 as a raw material. Wherever in the world these production facilities will be in the future, Climeworks could contribute their technology.

The Audi A3 g-tron is now used as an example of efficient synthetic fuels in the mobility sector. It is the first vehicle that can be driven with climate-friendly e-gas. In Dresden, synthetic diesel is already being produced and bottled.

In the case of political recognition, Power-to-Fuel promises a new business, which can be implemented in almost all regions of the world.