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This is how Power-to-Fuel works

Clean mobility by CO2 cycle?
It is already a reality today: Synthetic fuels made from CO2, which is extracted from the air. Most importantly: Fossil fuels are not necessary.


This is how Power-to-Fuel works: Filter the raw material, CO2, from the ambient air, then add hydrogen and energy, and the fuel is ready. The energy that is used in the process comes from renewable sources.

In this cycle, therefore, no "new" CO2 enters the atmosphere. Petroleum and natural gas are not touched. Clean Fuel Now therefore calls for policy to set new benchmarks for vehicles powered by power-to-fuel. Obsolete CO2 sanctions based on fossil CO2 emissions can no longer be applied.

Policy change would encourage importers of vehicle fleets to invest in climate friendly innovations, not just the efficiency of vehicles. The synthetic fuel is compatible with all types of combustion engine and fits easily in to current fuel infrastructure.


Clean Fuel Now presentation (German)